Computers are becoming an essential part of school lessons. Discuss the advantages and disadvantages and give your own opinion.

Through the globalization and fast-paced life of today, computers play a major role in


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the teaching

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process at schools.


essay will discuss the main benefits and drawbacks of the mentioned issue which in my opinion, the advantages will outweigh disadvantages.

The extensive use of PCs at schools could have positive impacts on the communication between pupils and teachers and the quality of lesson resources as well.


, utilizing gadgets would improve


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the accessibility

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of instructors.


way, students can easily find their teacher anytime and anywhere and solve their problems. There is no excuse for them not to have access to their leaders.


, another reward of exploitation of technology-based instruments in education is improvement in courses_ quality.

In other words

, whenever scholars feel that they could not learn materials easily or do not have a deep understanding of a subject, they can search it on the internet and choose the most qualified one.


in turn not only leads to more progress for students but


makes teachers enhance their way of teaching.


, we have a more developed learning environment.

On the other hand

, overexploitation of personal gadgets would


have demerits


as unfair availability of technology and major health issues. Many poor families are not able to provide computers and internet for their children. Even if they could attend the classes, they could not possess the same possibilities as other students have. In


situation, a very talented student with low or no facility cannot thrive quickly. A very clear example can be seen during Coronavirus lockdown when schools were closed and the courses became online.

As a result

, some were deprived of education.


drawback could be removed by the national and worldwide aid provided for needy families. What is more, overuse of technology devices can cause significant physical and mental diseases


as weakening of eyes and sleep disorders.


, by preventing overusing these devices, we could limit their side effects.

In conclusion,


putting computers into service could result in an improved education environment and wealthier learning sources, it can throw needy educators back and threaten our well-being.


, I believe the positive impacts can overcome the shortcomings.

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