Competition for university study is becoming increasingly strong. Why are universities becoming more competitive? Is this a positive or negative development?

It has been pointed out that the


in universities has been getting extremely fierce. Personally, I opine that the tough


in the job market is the reason for


situation, and


is a dreadful trend as it is detrimental to university students_ physical health.


of all, due to the strong


in the workplace, if those who just leave their educations want to acquire a lucrative occupant, they have to achieve a higher score than their peers to signify they have a higher level of abilities and enthusiasm.

As a result

, young learners need to compete with their classmates in order to stand out, which contributes to the growth of


in educational establishments.

For instance

, in China, most employers present that they prefer to give a job offer to candidates who hold an extremely wonderful academic performance in their classrooms, which forces youngsters to excel themselves to get the best result and compete with peers in educational institutions.


, increasing


creates a harsh learning atmosphere for pupils, which negatively affects their physical well-being.


is because those who want to graduate with decent qualifications and manage to get a rewarding and well-paid job have to burn their midnight oil and get up early in the morning to study,


hurting their physical conditions.

For example

, a vast majority of students in Beijing university say that as the environment of their college is becoming incredibly competitive, their peers normally invest a great deal of leisure time to do research, which forces them to follow


trend. As study occupies their sport and sleeping time, they are suffering from digestive problems.

In conclusion,


people may vary in their opinion about the reason why the


in colleges is getting fierce and whether is a thriving or disgraceful trend, I am of the opinion that the difficulty of finding jobs is the reason, and


circumstance is a negative development as it brings physical problems for university learners.

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