companies should provide sports and social facilities for local communities.To what extent do you agree?

Some argue, that it is the responsibility of the companies to facilitate their local communities with sports and social services.


essay disagrees with


point of view, it is not the job of an organisation to provide facilities to the community.I think, it_s on the government, to look after


issue, that if their locals need adequate facilities like outdoor playing and bonding activities.Companies should only be responsible for providing these facilities to their own workers.

To begin

with, different companies all over the world bestow their staff with varying services, like getting them memberships for their exclusive sports complexes and clubs where people can socialise and meet other locals.Some say, that these companies should


allow inhabitants from the local communities to have access to these facilities.


, I think, that it_s the job of the government to supply their people with services like


.It_s the responsibility of the regime


to take care of their people,


come the private organisations.

For instance

, let_s say that there is no adequate sports club and a pub in a town for the people to play and socialise, inhabitants there will always demand the government


to provide them with those facilities because we pay taxes to the state, not the businesses.


, I think, companies should only be concerned about their workers.They don_


have to take the burden of


Add an article

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ntire society upon their shoulders, as it won_


be good for the economy of that organisation.Staff work for their company and give them services in return for the facilities their company provides them with.So, it_s a give and


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situation, where both benefit from each other.So it should only be the staff that should be enjoying these facilities, not the entire community.

For example

, Apple provides exclusive discounts and access to social gatherings and yearly sports activities for their staff, but it_s not their job to bestow the entire society with these services as they don_


work for them

To conclude, I would say, that I don_


think it_s on a specific organisation to build their locals things like sports organisations or restaurants so that they can enjoy an active lifestyle and socialise


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because its the responsibility of the state


.Companies should only provide these facilities to people who work under them because at least they are giving them something back and it won_


turn out detrimental for the economy of the company in the long run

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