Children today have more responsibilities than the past. Some people think it has positive effects than the negative ones while others disagree. Discuss both view and give your opinion.



modern world, young people play a vital role in terms of a country_s representation. Youngsters are always allocated with additional duties and their impacts can be seen in both positive and negative ways. In


essay, I will discuss both these views and


share my opinion.


, it is very easy to learn skills at a young age. Kids will be self-centred and independent by these responsibilities which will shape them to handle real-life problems in a better way. To support my view, I would like to illustrate the survey performed recently which indicates that the young people with more experience can survive in any new place irrespective of their barrier against the culture and language.

On the other hand

, people may argue that young age is the best time to relax and lead a stress-free life.


their basic school work, they must not be pressurised with additional work which may affect them mentally.

For instance

, suicide rates are quite high among the kids compared to the adults due to their inability to handle the stress.


, a perfect balance is the best solution for


. Students must neither be allocated more than what they are capable of and make them unhealthy nor be assigned with fewer duties and make them lazy and tired. Each one is unique and the parents are duly responsible to analyse their kid_s characteristics and act



To summarise, young minds pave the way for the future and the country_s growth. If they are fine-tuned and embedded with necessary skills and responsibilities for survival, they will be forecasted as the best leader and leading example for future generations.

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