Capital punishment is essential to control crime and violence in the society. Without enforcing capital punishment like death penalty out life would become less secure and the number of crime and violence in the society would increase. To what extent do you agree or disagree?

It is believed that capital punishment is significant in order to restrict criminal events in the society. When lack of serious precautions assures violence would increase in same way safety would be in danger all around the cities. I completely disagree with


fine because of some reasons which I will elaborate in these below paragraphs.
In the past and now, the rate of crime has been rising dramatically. To diminish it, capital punishment is undeniable advised by some authorities. Meanwhile, many people support it to live safe and secure in their neighbourhood.

For example

, in

last decade

the last decade

, a local company survey showed that the cities which had capital punishment had been more secure and social standards,


schools had been in a good level not only safety, comfortable


people_s happiness.

That is

to say, when people think about criminal sentence a fine isolated from society during their all life, the crucial solution is occurring.


, individuals feel they can



physical violence, murdering or even rape.

On the other hand

, everybody can deserve to stay alive, even if a murder. In the other words, all human, organism has a great creation, nobody should not die from his or her past. They can handle with their consequences of faults. If a person has given one more change, everything would change in a good way.

For instance

, a story from a small town has shown that theory can be accurate sometimes, a man forgiven and redeem has altered and found a foundation of a charity.


, that charity foundation has



and global. They can sign and managed great companies all around the world.
In conclusion, I restate that it may be an accurate way to sentence fine,


it should be fair. I firmly disagree with capital punishments because of every life is special, spiritual even if a criminal. In the


words, a guilty person can forgiven supporting by the society.

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