Besides a lot of advantages, some people believe that the internet creates many problems. To what extent do you agree or disagree with this statement?

It is an irrefutable fact that


the internet

plays a significant role in our life and is becoming popular among people at a fast rate. Some people assert that the internet has a lot of benefits, whereas others assume it has created more problems. In my opinion, there are certain benefits of cyberspace yet it is hard to overlook its drawbacks. I will shed light on both facets in detail before a conclusion can be drawn.

There are several positive effects of

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, the


help in many ways to access someone easily on social websites. For an example, with the help of the


we can send emails and text to others within a few moments while sending a paper letter takes at least couple of days.


, it is a fact that the world wide


gives many technological information and educational knowledge in all the world. For an instance, students could access different educational websites to get knowledge and learn new things.

On the contrary

side, now a days, there are many inconsistent types of scam involves in the online.

In other words



as cyber crime, steal someone personal details and hacking data. There is no doubt, according to the survey, 50 percent of online banking scam is increasing in the


few years by advertising fake ads on the online


. Another reason is that bad impact on teenagers by showing violent content online.

To put in a nutshell,


refers to the speaker or writer

pen down and say that if there are the profits of

world wide

the world wide web


as well there is


a drawback of the internet. It depends on us how we can minimize side effect and aware other folks from scam.

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