Being A Celebrity Such As A Famous Film Star Or Sports Personality Brings Problems As Well As Benefits

Being in stardom either from the film industry or from the sports has always hampered one_s personal




, there are many benefits of being a public personality, but there are


many issues which they have to face. In my opinion, being a celebrity brings more trouble in


which I will discuss in the subsequent paragraphs.

To begin

with, everyone in


world has a dream of becoming famous in their respective fields. When we saw movie actor and actress on TV we always imagine how good their lives are they have all kings of luxury in their lives. They travel in imported cars, private jets. But, they work hard to earn the status. Every star had gone through a struggling phase before achieving the milestone. They are living everybody_s dream.

On the contrary

, living a luxurious


is not as easy as its looks. One of the most serious problems for them is that they cannot roam around the roads as we all do. Apart from it, they cannot even go to eat dinner in whichever restaurant they want.


, they always need security personnel whenever they want to go outside. There is always a fear in their mind of stalking or being robbed on the roads. To exemplify more, Virat Kholi was the brand ambassador of Pepsi, in an event he mistakenly hold a cane of coke which was a rival company of Pepsi and the sponsor company immediately terminated the contract with him. He had breached the contract and eventually had to pay a hefty amount to the sponsor company.
To encapsulate, being a star is everyone_s dream, but living with a status of a star is a task in itself. It is not an easy


to live. After achieving all the success in the


one has to struggle to live a simple




, it brings more problems in



conjunction used in comparatives


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