Advantages and disadvantages of changing job frequently

It is true that in the competitive world a majority of multitudes give


priority to change their job after short-term.


essay will articulate its merits and demerits in the following paragraphs.

To commence with, there are numerous benefits behind


trend if the masses are not continuing their work for a long time. The most prominent is the experience which they can gain by working in the different workplaces. To explain it, they broaden their horizons when they are working with all kinds of employees who are belonged to distinct backgrounds.

For example

, a headline of a famous channel BBC (BRITISH BROADCASTING CORPORATION) revealed that 40% of


got a significant amount of knowledge and hone their skills by getting employment opportunities in the innovative premises.


, changing a working place plays an imperative role in the workforce life which is fruitful for them in the coming years.

On the other hand

, there are few drawbacks when youngers leave their job after some time. The most predominant is the income that may be not collected in the astronomical amount by taking the brake. To explicate it, employers increase


_ salaries according to the policy and


need to fulfil the requirements of that procedures by working for a long-time.


, they can get a promotion by working permanently in the particular premises.

For instance

, a survey was conducted by the Amazon Company found that 40% of ordinary


got executive positions when they make an extra effort in their company with motivation as well as enthusiasm.


, it may provide assistance for the workforce to live lavish life without any temporary tensions.

In conclusion,


a significant proportion of young generation is changing their jobs to experience the new environment I believe that permanent working helps them to enjoy their life


of thinking about casual jobs.

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