A few languages are increasingly spoken in different countries, while the use of others is rapidly declining. Is it a positive or negative development?

Some people say that the growth of a few languages that are commonly spoken may


a negative impact on society. Even though


transformation may


a decline in usage of other languages, I believe that it has more positive developing.

To begin

with, if some languages are spoken mainly, people can be accessed with more appropriate information easily.

For instance

, researchers have spent a lot of time to understand other studies written in other languages and they even have sometimes hired translators to obtain specific knowledge of certain fields. In that context, the development of using common languages has let them fully dedicate their time on the research itself.

In other words

, an increasing number of countries using the same languages may enhance not only the quality of the study but


quantitative aspects.

It is an undeniable fact that the economic


can be expanded by the countries share common languages. If ones can communicate properly by speaking shared languages, it could be worked as an incentive to go abroad more often than before.

For example

, the speaking ability of English is an essential virtue that the ones need for working in multinational companies


as Google and Facebook.

In other words

, it could


improvements in the job


as well as the industrial



In conclusion, it is clear that the declining of other languages used can


disappeared cultures like the lyrics, myths and poetry in the long-term which are not easily translated into other languages. Despite these disadvantages, it is undeniable fact that having a common language lets people obtain more proper and better quality information and


it broadens the economic


. For these reasons, an increasing number of countries, shared common languages have positive impacts on society.

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