4) In today_s world of advanced science and technology, we still greatly value our artists such as musicians, painters and writers. What can arts tell us about life that science and technology cannot? Discuss.

Today, in


epoch of modernization where scientific and technological advancement is progressing in leaps and bounds, connoisseurs of the performing arts have retained their due respect all across the globe.The arts instil within us a number of unique feelings that science or technology cannot fulfil. The arts enable us to encounter the beauty of life which


would seem to be mundane.

Aspects of art, particularly literature, enable us to communicate our exact feelings, while we appreciate the environment and its beauty. Innumerable literary tasks portray melancholy, calamity and grief. As they continue to exist in different corners of the world, every write-up conveys to the readers to appreciate the gift of peace

that is

present in our lives.

For example

, “Memoirs of a Geisha”, vividly resonates a heart-touching story about the Geisha habit of Japan before the world – war. It portrays the inner turmoil of a young geisha girl, caught in between her ambitions to have a successful career and the desire to lead a normal life by being with the person she loves, like any other Japanese woman.

The novel portrays the competition that existed among rivals back


, the natural ties amongst siblings, the destiny of the intense Japanese history and tradition. No amount of technological advancement can truly portray emotions, as it has been portrayed in writing in the novel. Every written paragraph, brings forth a vivid image of the ongoing sequence, virtually, in the minds of the readers.

Paintings, drawings and sculptures instruct us to treasure the exquisiteness of heritage in


a manner that they turn to ignite and propel our spiritual lives indirectly.


is particularly significant in a world where science and technology compel our thinking to be practical and very much related to the real-time happenings. In fact, too much of modernisation in terms of scientific development may even attempt to reduce our credence in the enormity of ethos in our daily life. The association between arts and culture is a permanent correlation, where we can see that traditional melodies and prehistoric images remind us of our existence and evolution.



in other words

, we can say that ethnic individuality is conserved via different art-forms.

To conclude, I would like to state that science and technology definitely fuels our acceptance towards modern easy-to-use gadgets that improve our lives. But, the presence of the arts can intrigue us to a much profound magnitude. They assist us in valuing what we already possess, re telling us of the importance of our values and culture.

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