1. Over consuming sugar is unhealthy. Some people think that governments should take responsibility to control it. Others think that individuals should take responsibility for sugar intake. Discuss both views and give your opinion.

Overeating of sweets hurt health. A few people regard the authority_s responsibility to handle taking of the sugar, but others suppose that it must conduct by each person. In my opinion, it is

people_s mission

a people_s mission

of preserving their health. The government can put rules for companies to reduce intake, but people must make boundaries for themselves to avoid overeating sweets.
On the one hand, governmental institutions can not be the main controller to manage and organize how many candies allowed for a person to eat? Authorities and ministry of health should make penalties for companies that used a massive amount of sugar in their product.


, folks and children rushed into the desert and candy in that situation sugar will consider as a toxic use.

For example

, Europe since 1987 has been the most popular company for producing chocolate within every year they launch a new kind of chocolate within different


the general atmosphere of a place or situation and the effect that it has on people

, but it was written on the package that terrible of




the corporation warned, diabetic patients, can not minimize the eating of sweets.

On the other hand

, people must have an awareness of the vulnerability problem that was appeared from overwhelming confectionery as are individual_s restraint.


, parents should make a hard punishment for their children who overuse chocolate and must put a limit on that. Even though parents do restrictions, the infants escape their sweets and take it without their parents knowing.

For instance

, Egypt since 1985 the diabetic not only spread among old ages but


young and infants. According to, parents neglected in children_s rights and delinquency for their rights.
In conclusion,


is not considered as the institution_s dilemma, but the ancestors_ dire need, if people restrict using sweets, it will be healthier for a human being.

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