(1) Nowadays children are undisciplined because their parents are busy with their career.” To what extent do you agree or disagree with this opinion? What could parents do to build a sense of discipline among children?

One of the most conspicuous trends in today_s life is a colossal upsurge in the number of people believing that children_s are undisciplined because of the parents are busy with their career growth. There is a widespread worry that it will lead to myriads concern in one_s life.


essay strongly agrees that parents are busy with their career advancement and children_s grow in an undisciplined manner.




study will discuss the fact of spending more quality time with their children_s and


, discuss how to avoid over commitment to support their family needs.


of all, spending more space has proven to be successful in children_s growth.


type of commitment to children_s will help them to grow mentally and physically. Parents are able to guide the children to take correct decision_s and self-motive in all other aspects. The Asian countries are a prime example, where parents work under high pressure jobs and earn more money to support their family need_s, while at the same point unable to guide their children_s from undisciplined development.

On the other hand

that parents avoid their luxury lifestyle with minimum committal for family requirements. Parents_ work in high pressure jobs and earn more money for their growth and not being able to afford quality space with children_s.

For instance

, living for social status, buying expensive things, other social activities which are harmful in children_s advancement.

In the views of argument mentioned above, one can conclude, children_s will grow undisciplined if their parents busy with their career enhancement.


paper suggests that limiting the requirements of needs and




suggested that spending quality time with children_s can improve their advancement.

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