1. Many young people are leaving their homes in rural areas to study or work in the cities. What are the reasons? Do the advantages of this development outweigh its disadvantages?

Nowadays, It is true that young generation tends to choose the big cities to be settled


of living in their houses.


, there are both Pros and Cons. In


essay, I will discuss some of the reasons departure

Let_s begin by looking at the advantages of moving to urban regions.The central reason behind


is twofold,


, big cities provide employment opportunities as there are many multinational companies who want to hire young talents.


, young people move to big cities to pursue


studies in Management, Science or Economics from well renowned Universities which are not present in rural areas.

For example

, recent empirical research by the Oxford University demonstrated that 90% of young people residing in rural areas post their graduation move to big cities for


studies or employment purpose.




can make you clear that young people relocate to the big cities for fruitful opportunities, and to progress in life so that they can meet their family_s financial needs.

Turning Other Side of the Argument, There is no doubt that there are several disadvantages to




as the exponential population growth in the cities which hits the cities_ infrastructure severely and


migration leaves the rural areas abandoned and demotes some necessary professions


as farming.

For instance

, a recent study it has been found that 50 percent teenagers who shifted to urban area suffer from severe illness due to industrial pollution.

On the other hand

, The huge living expenses, lack of money and accommodation can create many problems for the new population.

All things consider, most of the people in rural areas tend to move to big cities for reasons related to their career and their education.


Personally, I believe the benefits in terms of opportunity eventually outweigh any negative

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